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Joining the Herpetological Association of Africa

Further information about HAA membership or subscriptions can be obtained from the Secretary/ Treasurer. Subscriptions run for a calender year and subscribers should state which year they require their membership to begin. Subscription payments should be sent to the treasurer. Members receive all journals and newsletters pertaining to that year.

Subscription Rates for 2014

African Membership:
1 year R200
3 years R540 (10% discount)

Student Membership:
1 year R150
3 year R400

Senior Citizens:
1 year R100
3 year R270

Overseas Membership:
1 year $60
3 year $160

Membership application form

Contact Buyi Makhubo (buyi.makhubo@nasmus.co.za) if you have any questions.

Overseas Membership—Submit in US$ via either cheque, money order, or credit card, to
Breck Bartholomew, Bibliomania
breck@herplit.com, www.herplit.com, or contact secretary to confirm method of payment.

Ordinary, 1 year $60
Ordinary, 3 years $160